We need help—but where do we begin? – Corporate Training

Company & Industry

Cory 1st Choice Home Delivery is a US, family-owned and operated business specializing in warehousing and in-home delivery of fine furnishings, appliances, electronics and more.


When organizations find themselves battling the same issues again and again, it often points to the need to adopt continuous improvement techniques and change the company culture. The question for many organizations like this is where to start? This is where Acuity was able to help.


  • Knowing they need to change the culture within the organization Cory needed to equip their leadership with knowledge and experience to bring a new focus on continuous improvement.
  • The company needed a continuous improvement approach that could be supported by leadership and adopted by everyone in the organization.


  • Because the employees were new to training and this methodology, Lean Six Sigma White Belt classroom training was delivered to the entire organization.
  • Once the methodology was introduced, key members within the organization were further trained as Lean Six Sigma Yellow BeltsGreen Belts and as Kaizen Facilitators as needed.
  • Administrative reporting was made available to ensure the company could easily track employee’s progress and certifications.


  • Cory employees immediately appreciated the investment in their development which had a direct result of increased employee satisfaction.
  • As the program has continued, employees are more loyal, staying with the company longer and are more actively engaged.
  • As the methodology is implemented, there is measurable process improvements and savings seen throughout the organization.