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Acuity Institute offers comprehensive corporate sales training programs that give professionals the essential skills to succeed in the evolving business landscape. Through our people and process improvement training courses that offer blended and in-person learning options, your team will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to increase productivity and optimize workflow.

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A Global Leader in Operational Excellence Training, Coaching, and Consulting Solutions​

Founded in 2005, Acuity Institute has built an excellent reputation for providing our customers with effective Operational Excellence training, coaching, and consulting solutions designed to the highest standard of expertise. As leading experts in Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management and Project Leadership, we have developed relationships with thousands of individuals and organizations across a wide variety of industries in over 130 countries. Acuity has helped our clients uncover hundreds of millions of dollars in added value by optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their teams, processes, products and services.
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