State of Colorado Authorization

Acuity Institute is an approved provider with the Colorado Department of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools. We’ve held active status since 2009.

Acuity Institute meets the standard requirements which include:

  • Bonding and Insurance compliance
  • Organizational maturity and legal organization compliance
  • State safety standards compliance
  • Standardization of course offerings and certification requirements and compliance with state standards
  • Instructor qualifications and selection processes and compliance with state standards
  • Reporting and certification processes and compliance with state standards

This approval provides for standard operational protocol, especially for our individual learners taking courses when paying with personal funds. Acuity is required to file certain reports regarding individual learners on a quarterly basis. Find the Acuity catalog and enrollment form here.

New Acuity Institute courses are reviewed and approved by the CDHE, after review and approval by the Acuity Industry Advisory Board.

Acuity Institute undergoes an organizational renewal every two years. Explore the Acuity Institute catalog of courses here.

State of Colorado Authorization CDHE