Blended Learning Experiences

Blended learning is an effective option for groups and teams looking for the freedom and accessibility of online learning with the personal, interactive touch that comes with live instruction. Our blended learning options give teams the opportunity to learn from real instructors in real time, while minimizing the disruption to your team’s work schedule. It is also significantly more cost-effective than traditional classroom learning.

All blended learning experiences start with independent online pre-work that individual learners complete at their own pace. Then, learners participate in virtual or in-person instructor-led workshops where teams will work together on a simulated project and discuss how the tools and concepts they’re learning can help to deliver business results. The workshops can be:

  • Tailored specifically for your company
  • Tailored to include workplace projects
  • Customized to incorporate your vision, company specific tools, examples and case studies.

Incorporating Workplace Projects: Maximizing the ROI of Your Training

A best-practice that many of our clients follow is requiring their learners to complete a workplace project before receiving their certification certificate.  This ensures that your team benefits from the coaching of our expert instructors who have decades of experience in a delivering optimum return of investment.  Incorporating workplace projects in your blended learning program ensures your team is ready to drive results back to your organization.

Acuity can support workplace projects by:

  • Adding the Completion of a workplace project as a certification requirement. Certification is not issued until our team receives confirmation that the workplace project has been completed and approved by the organizational leadership.
  • Incorporating workplace projects into the Blended Learning sessions
  • Offering additional coaching services

How does it work?

Learners should identify their project prior to the start of the first session.  While in the session they will begin work on the project under the guidance of their expert instructor.  Throughout the first workshop, students will complete deliverables for their workplace project and leave the workshop ready to execute their project.  In later workshops, they will continue to receive reviews and further coaching from their instructor.  Additional coaching services are available to support projects across the finish line. 

The blended learning model minimizes the disruption to your team’s workday, doesn’t require any travel, and it is significantly more cost-effective than traditional classroom learning. It can be customized to meet your company’s needs and timelines and connects  your team with expert instructors with decades of experience in a broad range of industries. When you decide blended learning is the right option for your group or organization, get in touch with our team to learn how we can customize your experience.