Optional Printed Course Books

Many Acuity courses include eBooks, which contain material used in the course. Acuity eBooks are yours to keep after the courses are finished. Learners retain the right to perpetual use of the electronic eBook material for personal use only..

Some learners prefer to also have a printed copy of the eBook materials. For that, Acuity provides enrolled students with the opportunity to purchase the eBooks in printed form.

Once your enrollment is processed, you’ll receive an email with the link to order the appropriate course books.

NOTE: The purchase of printed material is completely optional, and at your discretion/desire. Learners DO NOT need to purchase the printed course books to complete their course and/or certification.

The printing service is on-demand, via our provider Mimeo. Books are shipped directly to you. 

*Shipping is not included in the cost shown below.

Optional Printed Book Costs

Course # of Books Price
4 books, 1,000+ pages


(Not available for
individual purchase.)

1 book, 70
1 book, 285 pages
2 books, 565 pages
1 book, 160 pages
1 book, 250 pages
1 book, 180 pages
4 books, 825 pages
1 book, 150 pages
1 book, 100 pages
2 books, 425 pages
6 books, 1,100 pages
6 books, 1,400 pages
13 books total
1 book, 240 pages

Acuity course content is governed by the Business Terms. Companies who wish to use Acuity course content should speak to one of our Corporate Solutions Specialists.

*Not all courses offered by Acuity include eBooks or the option for printed materials