Finding the right Lean Six Sigma Training Partner – Online Corporate Training

Company & Industry

One of the world’s largest multinational telecommunications conglomerates (please note, we are unable to publish our client’s name because of confidentiality requirements)


In large organizations, the demands of training and support for projects is a key element to success. When their training partner exited the industry, it left a gaping hole that was essential to the company. Finding the right outside training provider and looking for cost savings, this organization came to Acuity for help.


Knowing the company could not support training or project assistance in house, their challenge was finding a new training provider that can support the current training needs of the company at a reduced cost.


  • Utilizing Acuity’s online Lean Six Sigma Black BeltGreen Belt and Lean Professional courses the company found quality training that was flexible for their employees.
  • Administrative reporting and tracking helps managers support their teams and provides real time data and statistics.


  • HR can access training data at any time and directly import it into the company’s system allowing them to easily track their employee’s professional development.
  • Increased employee productivity as a result of the flexible, self-paced training schedule.
  • Cost savings by eliminating the high cost of classroom instruction and non-value add time