When credibility, affordability and flexibility was needed, a custom training solution provided successful results

Company & Industry

Moni (formerly known as Monitronics) is the 2nd largest security alarm monitoring company in the US, providing monitored home and business security system services to more than 1 million customers throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Tasked with building a process improvement team, Moni began looking for a provider that could deliver quality training, was credible, effective and easy to manage within a heavy workload. With a long list of criteria to meet, time and affordability also became a priority.


  • Moni wanted to provide standardized tools and techniques for process improvement that could be managed easily and effectively.
  • The initial quotes from other training providers were cost prohibitive and required a significant amount of time away from the office for the team.
  • Unfamiliar with online training, there was a concern on how it would work within their organization.


  • Acuity’s various accreditations provided the assurance of quality and credibility that Moni required from a training provider.
  • Online training was the best solution for the team as it allowed them to work on their training at work, at home or on the road which is a great fit for the team’s fast-paced workplace and lifestyle.
  • A custom online training campus was built for Moni that was branded with the company’s custom colors, graphics and logos. This allowed the training to feel like it’s affiliated with the company and provided reporting so progress could be monitored and students could be held accountable.
  • Gamification, which was already used in Moni in other areas, was added into the training to encourage students to move through the material and added an element of team competition for them.


  • The training has given Moni a standardized approach that has allowed them to “let the data paint the picture”.
  • Where they once thought that providing more data was the answer, stakeholders are no longer overwhelmed and the team is able to refine a wide array of data into a streamlined set of graphics that paint the picture that stakeholders need to see.