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For over 40 years, TTI, Inc. has been building relationships with the world’s premier component manufacturers and is the world’s leading distributor of interconnect, passive, electromechanical and discrete components available.


TTI was looking for an “off the shelf” solution for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to enhance their continuous improvement program, one with an efficient delivery method. They reached out to Acuity because of our proven track record of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. Acuity introduced them to our blended learning model that had been successfully deployed with many of our other clients.


  • TTI’s challenge was their participants, who were from different offices all over the nation and were a widely varied population. The participants were a diverse set of learners not only in terms of their demographics, but also in their respective roles within the organization.


  • Acuity rolled out a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt blended learning program that not only met the needs of the individual learner, but also the functional needs within the business itself, bringing together multiple disciplines within the organization.
  • Following the success of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program and looking to expand on their continuous improvement initiative, TTI asked Acuity to help them address a specific need to build some rapid problem solving techniques.
  • Leveraging our Lean Professional course, Acuity developed custom workshops focused on a few key Lean topics. These workshops were unique in that they were half-day sessions where the instructor spent only a few hours teaching Lean tools and topics, and the remainder of the workshop entailed the participants actually going out into their workplace and applying the tools in “mini-project” sessions.


  • The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program yielded multiple successful projects.
  • The custom Lean program result was that both TTI and the participants saw tangible results and success on the spot – all within a half-day.
  • Seeing the immediate and amazing results of these Lean workshops, Acuity further built out this custom program so that after the initial kickoff of the first few Acuity led workshops, select participants learned how to facilitate the workshops and began internal half-day workshops that were completely independent of Acuity. The result was a self-sustaining program of continuous improvement that was rolled out to a broader audience.
  • With enthusiasm among the organization so high, TTI then asked Acuity to develop a custom Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt program. This blended learning program, while not as intense as the Green Belt program, resulted in the participants being able to run small Lean Six Sigma projects on their own, bringing even more return on investment to the organization.

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