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In today’s highly competitive environment, organizations realize that it’s essential to ensure their employees are adequately trained to face the challenges ahead. One of the hurdles a company must face is how to find the highest quality training that will have minimal negative impact on their daily operations, and still be affordable. Acuity Institute understands these demands and we have designed our programs to fit your needs.

You won’t find a more experienced partner than Acuity Institute in meeting your training needs, as we have trained thousands of corporate students from around the globe on continuous improvement.  We offer Lean Six Sigma training, Lean training, Change Management training, and Project Management training.

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How can Acuity Institute
meet your training needs?

Every organization has specific training needs and we recognize that a one-size fits all approach may not work, which is why we are committed to tailoring our training offerings to help your organization achieve its goals.

What does Acuity Institute offer?

World-Class Continuous Improvement Course Catalog

Acuity Institute brings you an industry leading course catalog for continuous improvement that offers training for every level within your organization – from those who need a basic foundational knowledge to project leaders who need comprehensive and thorough training, all the way to the senior leaders in the organization. This ensures a standardized and consistent approach to continuous improvement projects throughout your company which will help all your improvement initiatives run more smoothly.

Superior User Experience

Having quality content is only half the battle when it comes to online training, and Acuity Institute has enhanced the user experience for our corporate client’s. It begins by entering into a Global Online Campus environment where learning is made fluid and easy. Our interactive training material is conducted online and you can be confident that your employees will have access to all of the training they need, when they need it because our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only does this minimize the need for organizations to alter their daily operations, training is always accessible when you need it.

We also offer an optional workplace project certification for corporate clients who wish to add this as a requirement for their employees. By allowing your employees to learn in the training environment then transfer their skills into the workplace for a live project, it not only enhances the overall training experience for the participants, but also delivers financial results back to the business.

Reporting Tools for Monitoring Your Team

We realize that managers are most effective when they have the right tools, and just as we are committed to providing our students with what they need, managers will have access to the material and administrative tools to help monitor their teams progress throughout the learning process. Acuity Institute offers customized reporting that is available on demand or sent directly to your inbox if you prefer.

With the administrative reporting and mentor level course access, managers will be informed every step of the way which helps them to monitor their team better and make more effective use of their time.

Customized Online Training Site Exclusive for Your Organization

Want to keep the look and feel of your organization? No problem. We also offer privately branded online campuses that come with a custom website URL where your organization can have access to our industry leading continuous improvement catalog of courses. A private online campus allows your organization to roll out a training plan to your employees that has a look and feel that is consistent with your organization and with numerous customization features to choose from, you can ensure your organization has a campus that truly fits your needs.

Customization features includes (sample set):

  • Branding with your logo, colors, etc.
  • Custom training catalog to fit your specific training needs
  • Detailed user reports available on-demand

Access to free continuous improvement training courses for team

Volume Discounts

Training can be an immense endeavor for your organization and we appreciate the commitment it takes from everyone involved to have a successful program. This is why Acuity Institute has endeavored to keep our prices reasonable and has made group pricing available for organizations.

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