Lean Professional Certification

Course Overview

Lean Professional Certification course icon.Many of today’s organizations are placing a great deal of emphasis to implement Lean in the workplace because they have realized that a Lean business produces just what is needed, when it is needed with no additional labor, costs or time, resulting in bottom line savings for the organization. If you have been charged with implementing Lean, it is important to ensure you apply the best practices and top tools and techniques when initiating and managing Lean projects. This can be especially challenging when working in service environments such as healthcare, financial services and insurance. Acuity Institute’s Lean Professional training program provides participants with a structured approach to manage Lean projects in Service and Manufacturing environments and helps you learn how to sustain these improvements.

Where Six Sigma focuses on reducing defects, Lean looks at reducing waste and improving flow in an organization. The Lean Professional course follows Acuity’s Lean FOCUS™ Improvement Methodology: Focus, Operate, Create, Utilize and Sustain. The Lean FOCUS™ roadmap assists users in identifying problems and improving and implementing Lean solutions. We recommend this program to Project Leaders, Department Leaders, Business Leaders, Business Improvement Team Leaders, and Emerging Leaders. You can be confident that you will learn the skills to make a successful transition from training to the workplace as Acuity Institute’s Lean Professional Certification Program is one the most comprehensive in the world.

Training is conducted online and uses a multi-media format that includes examples of successful Lean performance improvement, interactive simulations and quizzes, and the most current and robust tools and techniques available. The course is “self-paced” and can be accessed at any time – and – anywhere, which provides the most flexibility in completing the course. On average, students complete the Lean Professional training course in 46 hours (average completion time, actual time may vary).

Acuity Institute’s Lean Professional Certification Program includes 6 months of online course access along with instructor and customer service support; we are your team throughout your program. Also included at no extra cost is the comprehensive Lean Simulated Project, Lean Certification Exam, Lean Toolkit, and the Lean Professional Course eBook. Acuity Institute sets the standard for online training and certification for individuals looking to achieve Lean Professional Certification.

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Key Outcomes

  • Describe the history of Lean
  • Explain why Lean works for Services and Manufacturing Environments
  • Identify the key Lean Principles
  • Differentiate between a Lean deployment and a Lean project
  • Describe the Lean Roadmap
  • Identify the key steps and deliverables in the Lean FOCUS™ Improvement Methodology
  • Define customer needs
  • Define value
  • Develop the Lean Charter
  • Develop the Current State Value Stream Map
  • Diagnose Problem Types
  • Identify Constraints
  • Implement Quick Wins
  • Plan and Run a Kaizen Event
  • Reduce Lead Time on the Critical Path
  • Identify Flow Problems
  • Explain Pull vs. Push Systems
  • Define Kanbans
  • Balance a Line and Standardize Work
  • Create the Future State Value Stream Map
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Implement Solutions
  • Describe what Performance Measurement is
  • Describe the System Leverage Points and how to apply them to make change stickExplain Error Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

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Lean Professional Certification Requirements

Acuity Institute’s Lean Professional Certification has 3 parts:

Part 1
Complete the Online Lessons and Quizzes
Part 2
Complete the Simulated Project Deliverables and Tollgate Reviews
Part 3
Successfully pass the Lean Professional Certification Exam

Upon completing these requirements you will be awarded Acuity Institute’s Lean Professional Certification. Certification from Acuity Institute includes a Digital Badge. Acuity Institute has partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to provide this digital version of your certificate.

What is a Digital Badge?

Lean Professional badge.

A digital badge is a verified graphic representation of your Acuity certificate. It is embedded with data that provides context, meaning, and details of the certification you earned. The digital badge is provided at no cost to you.


Benefits to claiming your digital badge include:

  • Easily share your digital badge on social and professional media, link to it from any email or document, add it to an email signature, and embed it in a blog or website
  • Your certification can be verified online in real time with just one click
  • Access labor market insights that relate your skills to jobs

Certification Exam

Acuity Institute’s Lean Professional Certification Exam is the standard for Lean Certification. Upon completing training, students will be required to achieve a passing mark of 80% or higher on the exam. The exam is intended to validate student proficiency with Lean tools and techniques. The following highlights the Lean Professional Certification Exam.


  • The exam is included in the program. Students will have 2 attempts to successfully pass the exam (80% or higher). 
  • The exam is administered online. Students will need to have an active internet connection to complete the exam.
  • The exam is open book. Students may use any reference materials to complete the exam (training manuals, project materials, etc.).
  • Students have a maximum of 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.
  • Once the entire exam is complete, the student will be notified immediately if they passed the exam. Students will not have access to their answers; this information is kept confidential to Acuity Institute.

Technical Requirements for accessing Acuity Institute’s Content

Viewing Online Content on a Desktop or Laptop

  • Internet Browser – Most recent version of Google Chrome is recommended (while our content is accessible from many other browsers, we find that other browsers may provide an inconsistent viewing experience)
  • A high speed internet connection
  • Sound capability on your computer (speakers or headphones)

Viewing Online Content on Tablets and Smartphones – Please note, since tablets and smartphones typically have smaller screens, certain content may be difficult to view

  • iPads using Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later (iPad generation 3 or later is required)
  • iPhones using Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later (iPhone generation 5 or later is required)

Accessing Downloadable Content

  • Course eBooks – Adobe Reader (free software), or equivalent PDF viewing software
  • Course Toolkit Templates – Microsoft Office 2010 or later
  • Using SigmaXL Statistical Analysis Software – Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and and Excel 2016 (Excel 365) with latest service packs installed, this includes Microsoft Vista with Service Pack (SP) 3, or later operating system (Windows 10 compatible). 1 GB of RAM or greater memory and 100 MB of available hard-disk space on your computer.


Manuel Luna

Certified Acuity Institute Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Lean Professional

After obtaining my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification with Acuity Institute, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and get the Lean Professional Certification. Having already studied the LSSBB course, this proved to be an excellent complement for my training, as it helped me deepen my Lean skills and retain the information with brand new and exciting examples and exercises. This course starts off right at the basics of Lean and builds up to more complex elements in a way that grants that the learning experience has been absolutely profitable. Moreover, I can say that I had fun taking this course. The simulated project is so engaging and carefully woven that I felt I was an actual consultant trying to assist the fictitious company and helping them achieve their goals.
As a conclusion, I honestly think this course was challenging, illustrative and enthralling. Acuity Institute is a 10/10 provider and I recommend this training to anyone who wants to start a career in Lean.

Morgan Kerns

Certified Acuity Institute Lean Professional

I took this course (Lean Professional Certification) because I was in a role specifically focused on Continuous Improvement that modeled its focus off of LEAN Methodology. I thought that I had a pretty firm grasp of the concepts, but as I went through the course material and the simulations to put it into practice, I realized I had a number of gaps in my understanding. This course has definitely increased my knowledge and understanding of key concepts that are vital to my role and helped me to be far more effective in how I do my job.

Gabriel Gorscovoz

P. Eng, PMP, CMP

“Lean Professional” was my third course completed with Acuity Institute. The technical content and materials are very interesting, well summarized, and the videos are excellently narrated. I’ve liked the “FOCUS” (Focus, Operate, Create, Utilize, Sustain) methodology which is a bit different from the traditional “PDCA” (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle… Found it much easier to relate for application in daily practice. Well done AI!

Lessons and Quizzes (6 Months Access)

Course Lessons (10 lessons, 115+ quiz questions and multiple exercises)

Lesson 1 Introduction to Lean -Lean Overview
-Lean Principles and Philosophy
-Lean Enterprise
-Lean Roadmap
Lesson 2 Focus Phase -Focus Phase Overview
-Define Customer Needs and Value
-Select Initial Scope
-Develop the Lean Charter
Lesson 3 Operate Phase – Part 1 -Operate Phase Overview
-Value Stream Mapping
Lesson 4 Operate Phase – Part 2 -Collect Baseline Data
Lesson 5 Operate Phase – Part 3 -Diagnose the Problem – Part 1
Lesson 6 Operate Phase – Part 4 -Diagnose the Problem – Part 2
-Quick Wins
 Lesson 7 Create Phase – Part 1 -Create Phase Overview
-Plan a Kaizen Event
 Lesson 8 Create Phase – Part 2 -Root Cause Analysis
-Solution Selection
-Create the Future Value Stream Map
-Implementation Planning
 Lesson 9 Utilize Phase -Utilize Phase Overview
-Risk Management
-Implementation & Change Management
-Layouts and Visual Controls Dashboards
 Lesson 10 Sustain Phase -Sustain Phase Overview
-Institute 5S
-Measure Performance
-Error Proofing
-System Factors
Primary Tools and Concepts Covered

 A Lean Roadmap

Lean Project vs. Lean Enterprise

Elements of Lean

Principles of Lean

Value Stream Mapping

Future State Value Stream Mapping


Visual Workplace

Work Design


Change Management

Implementation Planning

Lean Charter

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Standardized Work

Product Family Matrix


Types of Waste (8 Wastes)




Toyota Productive System (4 P Model)

Line Balancing

Level Loading

Cycle Time

Takt Time

Non-Value Add / Value Add

Delay Time

Slack Time

5 Why’s


Spaghetti Diagrams

JIT (Just in Time)

Global Campus Tour

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Instructor Support

Icon of a person on a laptop screen.Acuity Institute wants the learning experience to be as supportive and engaging as possible, we are here to help you succeed. We understand the importance of having a place to ask questions to the experts about tools and techniques, exercises, project work or general technical support. During training, students can submit questions to instructors through Acuity Institute’s Help Desk and the Student Forum. Responses are provided to student questions in one business day or less. If questions and/or answers are complex, an Acuity Institute instructor will schedule a one-on-one phone meeting with the student to review the question/answer.

Simulated Lean Project

simulated projectAn important element of thoroughly understanding the key concepts and principles introduced in this course is the ability to demonstrate application beyond the online lessons. To accomplish this students work through a simulated Lean project. At Acuity Institute we recognize that not every individual has the opportunity to complete an actual Lean project while completing training, therefore we have created a real world simulated project that takes students from the beginning to the end of a problem and solution. The simulated project helps to build the students understanding of the concepts taught in training and provides practical application of the tools. Students complete the course better prepared to apply what they have learned in the real world.

The simulation is based on a hypothetical company, Simco International or “SI” that faces many of the same problems companies are dealing with today. The simulation is designed to illustrate the entire business improvement effort through every phase of the Lean FOCUS™ Improvement Methodology. Students complete 26 challenging exercises (project deliverables) which build on previously learned tools and concepts taught in training. When complete, students have a significant perspective on what a true Lean project deployment means and a tangible “project story” that they can utilize throughout their Lean journey.

There is no comparison of this simulation in the marketplace today. No other Lean service provider offers a comprehensive project simulation such as ours which includes numerous project deliverables, challenging analysis, and project tollgate reviews. The following are the simulated project exercises that are completed throughout 5 additional online lessons:

Focus Phase Operate Phase Create Phase Utilize Phase Sustain Phase
  • Customer and Value Definition
  • Lean Assessment
  • Change Assessment
  • Lean Charter
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Current Value Stream Map
  • Current State Process Map
  • Collect Baseline Data
  • Identify Constraints
  • Waste Identification
  • 5S Assessment
  • Lead Time Reduction
  • Quick Win Identification
  • Update Lean Charter
  • Kaizen Event Agenda
  • Diagnose the Problem
  • Future State Value Stream & Process Map
  • Implementation Plan
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Calculating New Lean Metrics
  • Dashboard Development
  • Update the Future State VSM
  • Performance Measurement Plan
  • Error Proofing
  • Sustain the Change

Lean Toolkit


Through our experiences we have assembled the Lean Toolkit which is one of the most complete and user friendly set of templates available. The toolkit assists Lean practitioners in keeping focused on their project work and not creating “templates”. The toolkit includes 24 templates from the Lean improvement methodology. For ease of use, the templates can be downloaded directly to your computer and are yours to keep and utilize in future projects. The templates have been developed in common formats such as MS Excel.

  • Lean Assessment
  • Define Customer Value
  • Change Assessment
  • Lean Charter
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Product Family Matrix
  • Time Study Analysis
  • Lean Efficiency Metrics
  • Line Balancing
  • 8 Wastes
  • 5 S
  • Lead Time Reduction
  • Quick Win Identification
  • Kaizen Event Agenda
  • Solution Selection Matrix
  • Implementation Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • FMEA
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Performance Measurement Plan
  • Action List
  • Error Proofing
  • Change Controls Checklist

Lean Professional Certification Course eBook

eBook icon.The Lean Professional eBook (electronic copy) contains much of the same content as the online instructional materials. The eBook includes over 825 pages of Lean theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques. The eBook is fully searchable and contains many links to assist students in quickly navigating to key tools and concepts. The eBook allows students the ability to capture notes and comments within the eBook for future reference. Students can print directly from the eBook. To protect the electronic intellectual property of the course content, students will not be able to copy from the eBook. 

Lean Professional Certification Printed Course Books (Optional)

Printed book icon.As an option, students can purchase Lean Professional Certification printed course books. The Lean Professional Certification printed course materials include 4 separate books containing over 825 pages of Lean theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques. Printed Course Materials are optional, they are not required. About 35% of our students prefer to have a printed copy of the course materials available as a resource while taking the course and for future reference.

IACET Continuing Education Units (Accreditation)

IACET Accredited ProviderAcuity Institute has been approved as an Accredited Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In obtaining this approval, Acuity Institute has demonstrated that it complies with the ANSI/IACET Standards which are widely recognized as standards of good practice internationally. As a result of our Authorized Provider membership status, Acuity Institute is authorized to offer IACET CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standards. The primary purpose of a CEU is to provide a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed one or more significant non-credit educational experiences.

4.6 IACET Continuing Education Units are provided upon successful completion of this course.

Council for Six Sigma Certification

Council for Six Sigma CertificationAcuity Institute is accredited as an Approved Registered Provider by the Council for Six Sigma Certification (SSC). SSC reviews each course to ensure the course curriculum, structure and certification requirements meet the standards set forth by the Council’s Body of Knowledge. This accreditation assures each certification includes Lean Six Sigma concepts, tools and techniques considered to be the standard for each belt level within the Council’s Body of Knowledge.

PMI® Professional Development Units

Acuity Institute is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Being an Authorized Training Partner allows Acuity Institute to grant Professional Development Units (PDUs) to customers who complete our qualified programs. As an Authorized Training Partner, Acuity Institute has agreed to abide by the PMI® established quality assurance criteria. PMI® is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

46 PMI® Professional Development Units are provided upon successful completion of this course.

Blended Learning Training

In addition to e-Learning courses, Acuity Institute offers customized Blended Learning training options for corporations.

Acuity’s Blended Learning training combines online training with live, facilitated workshops facilitated by one of Acuity Institute’s leading industry facilitators. This model provides two benefits for your team:

  1. Reduces the time spent in the classroom, away from other responsibilities
  2. Provides learner access to the training to learn at their own pace and review the content as often as they need

The live workshops are focused on the practical application of the methodology and tools in the workplace environment. The number of workshops and the schedule for workshops can be modified to meet your team’s needs. Contact our team to learn more about Blended Learning for your team.

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