Recently Laura Goodrich attended a webinar hosted by HFS Research.  The webinar discussed Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

“HFS introduced research done with 100 C-suite executives. It was encouraging to see research supporting that a widespread displacement of workers is not the desired outcome of RPA. In fact, only 7% of those surveyed anticipate FTE reduction. Instead organizations are desiring to build out the new skills required. When they were asked what is the biggest obstacle holding them back? It wasn’t talent. The number one issue identified was mindset.”

How does mindset fit into the work of Change Leaders?

Mindset lays the foundation for an organization’s change efforts.  Consider how a home is built.  The structure is built on a foundation.  Mindset creates the foundation on which change efforts and implementations can be built. When we have both a Change Mindset foundation and the skills and tools of Change Management Leaders, we are operating in a best-in-class model.

What does the Creating a Change Mindset program look like?

The path to a positive change mindset is not achieved overnight. It is achieved step by step in bite-size pieces over time.

Laura has developed a collection microlearnings. Participants view one a week over a period of several months. Each video offers something new: a personal story followed by questions for self-reflection to consider during the week.

With a grounded start in awareness, it becomes easier to see the current mindset in the workplace and recognize how it leads to conflicts, misunderstandings, stunted productivity, project stalls and rescheduled meetings. The program progresses from awareness toward actionable tools.

The program can start big or small depending on the awareness and readiness of the leadership team. It often starts with one division or even one leader that sees the need for his or her team. Other times, it can be an individual who sees their own need. The program is designed to help everyone recognize their role in creating a change mindset and how to be ready to respond differently in their interactions and in their work.

See for yourself

Laura has shared one of these microlearnings with us. We are making it available at no cost to you on our campus. We invite you to enroll today.

Be sure to access the free microlearning and share your thoughts and questions with us. We would love to hear from you.




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