Change Management Professional Certification

Course Overview

Change Management Certification course icon.Acuity Institute’s Certified Change Management Professional Program is the most complete certification package available. It includes 3 months of online course access along with instructor and customer service support; we are your team throughout your program. Also included at no extra cost is the comprehensive Change Management Simulated Project, Change Management Certification Exam, Change Management Toolkit, and the Change Management course eBook. Acuity Institute sets the standard for online training and certification for individuals looking to achieve Certified Change Management Professional designation. One of the best credentials we have is defined by the diversity of the Acuity Institute student population enrolled across more than 100 countries worldwide. We look forward to supporting you in your journey to becoming a Change Management Professional with Acuity Institute.

Many Change Management initiatives fail because people do not know where to start or how to sustain change. Acuity Institute’s Change Management Program has been designed to provide Change Leaders running organizational projects with the tools and skills to initiate change in a project environment. Our program delivers best practices for both tactical and behavioral elements of change from leading experts in a practical and simple way. It demystifies change by providing students with a superior interactive Change Management Toolkit which leads practitioners through all phases of the Change Management process.

While there are numerous approaches to Change Management, Acuity’s Change Management Program encompasses the general industry standard of evaluating the organization issue/problem, initiating action to make change, planning the change while encouraging stakeholder buy-in, executing the plans while being flexible to the changing landscape, and how to sustain the change and make it “stick” so that the organization truly gains benefits of the change. Unlike other change management courses, students in Acuity’s Change Management Program will also learn the process of change through a simulated project in which they can practice the top skills of Change Leaders. In addition, students are provided Acuity’s Change Management Toolkit which enables them with the tools to immediately make a positive Change Management impact within their organization.

Training is conducted online and uses a multi-media format that includes audio by Change experts, examples of successful change, interactive simulations and quizzes, and the most current and robust tools and techniques available. The course is “self-paced” and can be accessed at any time – anywhere, which provides the most flexibility in completing the course. On average students complete the Change Management Program in 30 hours (average completion time, actual time may vary).

Acuity Institute’s Change Management Program is one the most comprehensive in the world. We recommend it to Project Leaders, Department Leaders, Business Leaders, Business Improvement Team Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Business Improvement Teams, and Change Practitioners.

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Key Outcomes

  • Assess one’s own resilience to change
  • Utilize a foundation of learning on the principles of change
  • Understand the systems thinking that drives behavior
  • Define the roadmap to change
  • Demonstrate the tools of change
  • Utilize the tools in a case study
  • Initiate change by creating a sense of urgency
  • Plan change by managing stakeholders
  • Implement a change strategy and plan
  • Implement change by managing resistance
  • Recognize how to lock in the change
  • Understand how to make change stick

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Change Management Certification Requirements

Part 1
Complete the Online Lessons and Quizzes
Part 2
Complete the Simulated Project Deliverables and Tollgate Reviews
Part 3
Successfully pass the Change Management Exam

Upon completing these requirements you will be awarded Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional Certification. Certification from Acuity Institute includes a Digital Badge. Acuity Institute has partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to provide this digital version of your certificate.

What is a Digital Badge?

Change Management Professional badge.

A digital badge is a verified graphic representation of your Acuity certificate. It is embedded with data that provides context, meaning, and details of the certification you earned. The digital badge is provided at no cost to you.


Benefits to claiming your digital badge include:

  • Easily share your digital badge on social and professional media, link to it from any email or document, add it to an email signature, and embed it in a blog or website
  • Your certification can be verified online in real time with just one click
  • Access labor market insights that relate your skills to jobs

Is this the same certification as the CCMP certification offered by the ACMP?

Acuity Institute is also a Qualified Education Provider for the Association for Change Management Professionals. (ACMP). Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional course satisfies the 21-hour training required to pursue the CCMP credential from the ACMP. Please note that you must further apply with the ACMP and fulfill all requirements to earn the CCMP credential from the ACMP.

Upon request, Acuity Institute will provide ACMP CCMP resources at no cost. These resources include the ACMP CCMP Handbook, CCMP exam practice questions, flashcards and test specifications to assist students in preparing for the ACMP CCMP exam.

Certification Exam

The exam is the standard for Change Management Certification. Upon completing training, students will be required to achieve a passing mark of 80% or higher on the exam. The exam is intended to validate student proficiency with Change Management tools and techniques. The following highlights the exam.

  • The exam is included in the program. Students will have 2 attempts to successfully pass the exam (80% or higher). 
  • The exam is administered online. Students will need to have an active internet connection to complete the exam.
  • The exam is open book. Students may use any reference materials to complete the exam (training manuals, project materials, etc.).
  • Students have a maximum of 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.
  • Once the entire exam is complete, the student will be notified immediately if they passed the exam. Students will not have access to their answers; this information is kept confidential to Acuity Institute.

Is this the same exam as the CCMP exam?

No, the exam included with Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional course is not the same as the ACMP’s CCMP exam. Students interested in earning their CCMP will need to apply with the ACMP and fulfill all requirements to earn the CCMP credential from the ACMP. Acuity Institute is a Qualified Education Provider for the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP). Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional course satisfies the 21-hour training requirement to pursue the CCMP credential from the ACMP.

Technical Requirements for accessing Acuity Institute’s Content

Viewing Online Content on a Desktop or Laptop

  • Internet Browser – Most recent version of Google Chrome is recommended (while our content is accessible from many other browsers, we find that other browsers may provide an inconsistent viewing experience)
  • A high speed internet connection
  • Sound capability on your computer (speakers or headphones)

Viewing Online Content on Tablets and Smartphones – Please note, since tablets and smartphones typically have smaller screens, certain content may be difficult to view

  • iPads using Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later (iPad generation 3 or later is required)
  • iPhones using Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later (iPhone generation 5 or later is required)

Accessing Downloadable Content

  • Course eBooks – Adobe Reader (free software), or equivalent PDF viewing software
  • Course Toolkit Templates – Microsoft Office 2010 or later
  • Using SigmaXL Statistical Analysis Software – Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and and Excel 2016 (Excel 365) with latest service packs installed, this includes Microsoft Vista with Service Pack (SP) 3, or later operating system (Windows 10 compatible). 1 GB of RAM or greater memory and 100 MB of available hard-disk space on your computer.


Julie Ziegler

Change Management Professional

I needed to obtain an Organizational Change Management certification for my next project and I didn’t have time to be away from work to take any classes. I found Acuity Institute’s Change Management certification while doing internet searches looking for courses that would fit in my schedule. This certification program was comparable to other programs I researched, but it was much more convenient. I was able to download all of the materials and complete the course online when it fit in my schedule. This course provided a good foundation for executing a change management effort. The exercises and tests required thought and helped me to grasp the concepts. It also provided some great background information on why change is so hard for us as humans. I’ve already used some of the concepts and referred to the book and templates in my current project. As someone who has been a change manager on more than one project; this certification will help me improve planning and organizing my next change management project.

Sharon Burton

Change Management Professional

The Acuity Institute Change Management course is very comprehensive, and rigorous. I found that the coursework complimented my work of transitioning organizations, teams, and individuals by using methods proposed to re-direct the use of resources, business processes, understanding and/or other approaches to operations that notably guide individuals toward the redesign of companies and institutions. This course will certainly benefit change management professionals whether they are seasoned or new to the field.  

Alicia Harkness

Change Management Professional

I enjoyed attending the Change Management Professional Certification class at Acuity Institute.  I thought it was a fabulous class that provided structure to what can at times be a daunting qualitative challenge for an organization.  I valued the formal methodology, tools, templates and concepts taught throughout the program.  I particularly look forward to applying the tools and techniques gained through the simulation in my day to day responsibilities in leading our Firm and Clients through organizational change.

Jim Bursey

Change Management Professional

I have really enjoyed the Change Management curriculum. I found it grounded in reality, unlike many other training programs which are too generic and artificial.

It was quite refreshing to see that my 30 years of experience were very applicable to this exercise. My fears that the course would be so generic that my experience wouldn’t be that helpful were completely unfounded.

Rami Odeh

Change Management Professional

I had a great learning experience with Acuity Institute. All the videos, the study material everything provided were so in detail and everything has been explained very elaborately. Also, there is a provision of assistance from the experts if required. In all, this is a One stop solution for someone who wants to learn Managing the Change in enjoyable way.

Shelley Churchill

Change Management Professional

I was looking for an easy, affordable CM (Change Management) training program to fit with my already full schedule. I needed something to use toward my Change Management Certification so it needed to be aligned with the Association of Change Management Professional process. Luckily, I found Acuity as it was listed as a QEP and I was thrilled. I am a career change professional so my standards are high and I’ve seen many methods come and go. I found the content to be solid and informative AND I learned some new concepts! Additionally the toolkit was fabulous and the fact that it was integrated and linked in one file is superb! I would highly recommend this training – it is the biggest value for the money out there for basic, CM understanding, skills and tools. Kudos!

George Jucan

Change Management Professional

Compared with other on-line courses, the narration accompanying the slides made it feel much closer to an in-class experience than other on-line training I’ve experienced. The material had an adequate depth level – this is a real course, not couple of slides put together to take your money! I also enjoyed the reminders to stop reading/listening and actually do the assigned exercises – once again close to the classroom experience. All in one, a great experience, worth every penny!

Randy Dale Matlock

Change Management Professional

The Acuity Institute Change Management Certification course was great value and an effective online training program to gain the skills that our company is looking for, as we increasing see the need for effective Change Management in the projects we undertake. In particular I was impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the people at Acuity I interacted with.

Dave Helfrich

Change Management Professional

I am a well established and experienced Project Manager, working several very large projects. In the most recent project, there was a Change Management Department that was run by the Customer. I observed how well they were able to identify the Change Management Risks, both from the standpoint of the technology, and more importantly from the Stakeholders. Their methodical approach to the analysis and then the Change Management Plan impressed me immensely, and I wanted to learn more about Change Management and how to excel.

I researched and found this Change Management Professional course available, and it had excellent reviews and the FAQs were impressive with the responsiveness of Acuity.

I registered and started taking the course. What was so amazing is that as a Project Manager, we are continuous contributors to the Change Management, but this course now not only gave me the complete background of the “Why” projects success (and fail), but more importantly the tools to be able to Initiate, Plan, Execute and finally the Stick of Change Management.

I have already starting using the tools and information to increase the immediate and long term success of my projects.

Thank you, and what an excellent course. I highly recommend this course for all Project Managers.

Ashleigh Brookshaw

Change Management Professional

As a Change Management professional this certification seemed like a perfect fit to my overall education and experience. The course was well written and the provided templates provided concrete experience in accordance with course materials. I would recommend this course for anyone pursuing a career in Change Management.

Robert Jeffcoat

Change Management Professional

The Acuity Institute Change Management Professional curriculum is top notch. The structure of the course, methodology, and Change Management toolkit provide the essential tools for you and your organization to manage change in this continually changing environment. From reinforcing the vision, to accountability, including all stakeholders, skills development, ensuring measures are in place, and recognizing and rewarding along the way, the change management course is scenario-based and provides in-depth knowledge and understanding for you to succeed. All the tools you need are included to help you and others overcome the cognitive hurdle of change. This course has certainly helped me improve upon planning and executing my next change management project. I highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to implement change in their organization.

James Banks

Change Management Professional

The Change Management Certification Course offered educated me well on the process, motivation and theory of change management. As a retail professional, the climate is constantly changing. This course provided clear and concise information that will enable me to lead my team through the changing environment. The course was thorough, easy to follow and allowed the participant to move at his/her own pace. I feel that this course will benefit me greatly in my career.

Dr. Carlos Colon Riollano

Change Management Professional

This is very practical course that is aligned with the Association of Change Management Professional Standard. It does provide with hands on tools and practice exercises, offering a constructivist experience to the student.

I enjoyed the course, and recommend it for persons who wants to understand change management process as well as getting additional material to get ready for the CCMP certification.


Lessons and Quizzes (3 Months Access)

Course Lessons (6 lessons, 45+ quiz questions and multiple exercises)

Lesson 1 Introduction to Change Management
Change Resilience
Change Roadmap
Lesson 2 System Factors
-Six System Factors (Vision, Accountability, Stakeholder Involvement, Skills Development, Metrics & Policies & Processes, Reinforcing Behavior)
Lesson 3 Initiate the Change
Assess the Change
Create the Need for Change
-Identify the Change Team
Lesson 4 Plan the Change
-Create a Vision for Change
-Analyze Stakeholder’s Behavior
-Decide on a Change Strategy
-Create a Change Plan
Lesson 5 Execute the Plan
-Communicate the Plan
Identify and Manage Resistance
-Produce Quick Wins
-Sustain the Momentum
Lesson 6 Make Change Stick
-ABC BOC (Antecedents Behavior Consequences / Balance of Consequences)
-Change Controls

Instructor Support

Icon of a person on a laptop screen.Acuity Institute wants the learning experience to be as supportive and engaging as possible, we are here to help you succeed. We understand the importance of having a place to ask questions to the experts about tools and techniques, exercises, project work or general technical support. During training, students can submit questions to instructors through Acuity Institute’s Help Desk and the Student Forum. Responses are provided to student questions in one business day or less. If questions and/or answers are complex, an Acuity Institute instructor will schedule a one-on-one phone meeting with the student to review the question/answer.

Simulated Change Management Project

iconSimcoAn important element of thoroughly understanding the key concepts and principles introduced in this course is the ability to demonstrate application beyond the online lessons. To accomplish this students work through a simulated Change Management project.

At Acuity Institute we recognize that not every individual has the opportunity to complete an actual project while completing training, therefore we have created a real world simulated project that takes students from the beginning to the end of a problem and solution. The simulated project helps to build the students understanding of the concepts taught in training and provides practical application of the tools. Students complete the course better prepared to apply what they have learned in the real world.

The simulation is based on a hypothetical company, Simco International or “SI” that faces many of the same problems companies are dealing with today. The simulation is designed to illustrate the entire business improvement effort through each phase of Change Management. Students complete 12 challenging exercises (project deliverables) which build on previously learned tools and concepts taught in training. The following are the simulated project exercises that are completed throughout the course:

System Factors
Initiate the Change
Plan the Change
Execute the Plan
Make Change Stick
  • Six System Factors
  • Change Assessment
  • Threats & Opportunities Matrix
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Change & Communication Plan
  • Elevator Speech
  • Influence Strategies
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Assess the Status of Change
  • ABC BOC Analysis
  • Change Controls
There is no comparison of this simulation in the marketplace today. No other Change Management course offers a comprehensive simulation such as ours which includes numerous project deliverables, challenging analysis, and a Change Management tollgate review.

Change Management Toolkit

Tools.Through our experience we have assembled the Change Management Toolkit which assists practitioners in keeping focused on Change Management and not creating templates. No other training provider offers a comprehensive Change Management Toolkit such as ours. The toolkit includes the following templates that can be utilized in Change Management projects beyond training:

  • Change Dashboard
  • Change Resilience Self-Assessment
  • Six System Factors
  • Change Assessment
  • Threats & Opportunities Matrix
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Power & Influence Map
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Change & Communication  Plan
  • Force Field Analysis
  • ABC BOC Analysis
  • Change Controls Checklist

Change Management Course eBook

eBook icon.The Change Management eBook (electronic copy) contains much of the same content as the online instructional materials. The eBook includes over 285 pages of Change Management theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques. The eBook is fully searchable and contains many links to assist students in quickly navigating to key tools and concepts. The eBook allows students the ability to capture notes and comments within the eBook for future reference. Students can print directly from the eBook. To protect the electronic intellectual property of the course content, students will not be able to copy from the eBook.

Change Management Printed Course Book (Optional)

Printed book icon.As an option, students can purchase the Change Management printed course book. The printed course materials contains over 285 pages of Change Management theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques.

Printed Course Materials are optional, they are not required. About 35% of our students prefer to have a printed copy of the course materials available as a resource while taking the course and for future reference.

3 IACET Continuing Education Units are provided upon successful completion of this course.

Association for Change Management Professionals

Acuity Institute is approved as a Qualified Education Provider (QEP) for the Association for Change Management Professionals. The QEP status signals that our Change Management course was reviewed and that it aligns with the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management© (The Standard) and adult education best practices.


PMI® Professional Development Units

Acuity Institute is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Being an Authorized Training Partner allows Acuity Institute to grant Professional Development Units (PDUs) to customers who complete our qualified programs. As an Authorized Training Partner, Acuity Institute has agreed to abide by the PMI® established quality assurance criteria. PMI® is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

30 PMI® Professional Development Units are provided upon successful completion of this course.

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