Looking to Champion a Lean Implementation?

The practice of eliminating waste in products or processes is something that many organizations are looking to implement. Commonly known as Lean, when you “lean” or eliminate waste in a product or service, you are not only making the product or service better, you are helping the organization save time and money, and you are also helping to better meet your customer’s needs. Lean is a win for everyone involved.

A Lean initiative within an organization can drastically improve a company’s bottom line, and a well-run initiative can achieve far greater results than most people anticipate. This is why it is essential that any organization looking to implement a Continuous Improvement strategy such as Lean, also sets aside time and resources to adequately train their staff. While it is important for organizations to ensure they are training their employees who will be working on Lean projects, it is equally important to ensure that the senior leaders that will be supporting these project leaders are also sufficiently trained.

When executives and senior leaders serve in the capacity of supporting project leaders, they are known as a Champion – which is a vital role in any Lean Implementation, however this group is often overlooked when it comes to training. When training for this group does occur, it often focuses solely on managing people, however it is important to remember that it is necessary for Champions to also have a solid understanding of Lean, and equip Champions with the ability to select the best projects while also including direction on managing project leaders. To help fill this vital need, Acuity Institute has developed a new course specifically designed to train Lean Champions. Acuity has designed its Lean Champion course to encompass all of these training needs, in the same easy and friendly format as our other courses.

If your organization is implementing a Lean initiative, be sure to ask those who are sponsoring the initiative if they are ready to become Champions. By ensuring these key figures are well versed in the Lean methodology and equipped to sponsor and champion projects, you will find that your Continuous Improvement initiative will be much more significant and produce truly amazing results.

Enroll today to join global leaders like you in strengthening your foundations in Lean and earn your Lean Champion certification with Acuity Institute.