Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning—Getting the Most Out of Your Training Investment

Many of the potential clients I meet have the same dilemma; they need to get more of their team equipped with Lean Six Sigma training needed to drive operational excellence, they want to have their teams attend onsite training, but they need the time, investment, and cost to be as minimal as possible.

It’s not surprising to have someone request a 3-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt class. The reality is 3 days is simply not enough time to teach everything a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt needs to know to perform projects effectively. Often times, potential clients will come to us thinking they only have two options: traditional classroom or online training. The good news is there is another option.

Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning

Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning is a learning model that combines traditional classroom training and online training. It is a model that integrates technology to reduce the number of days students spend in the classroom without compromising any of the learning.

Let’s consider the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, teaching this course in a traditional classroom environment can take up to 10 days, by leveraging a blended learning model, the classroom time can be reduced to 5 days when combined with the online pre-work.

Blended learning allows more of the time in the classroom to be focused on the execution of tools and concepts. Students learn independently online and arrive in the classroom ready to discuss how these tools apply to their workplace environments. Students engage in team exercises and simulated projects that enable them to practice with the tools and deepen their understanding in an interactive environment.

5 Key Benefits Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning Can Provide for Your Business

  • It’s more time and cost-efficient than the traditional classroom method without losing any content.
  • Classroom time is focused on applying the tools and concepts rather than teaching them.
  • Team members can complete the online pre-work at their own pace anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • Learners have access to the course content for review whenever they want, empowering them to deliver great results over time.
  • Lean Six Sigma Online learning provides activity data that affords you insightful reports about your learners.

If you are looking for facilitated learning for your team, consider Lean Six Sigma blended learning. Our team has been delivering blended learning for nearly 15 years, helping our clients achieve operational excellence.

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