Choosing the Right Lean Six Sigma Provider for YOU

Lean Six Sigma can benefit almost any business, but if you are looking to become Lean Six Sigma certified, it is important that you select a training provider that fits your needs. What is the best Lean Six Sigma certification program?  The following questions are designed for YOU to ask a prospective program provider to help you decide if they are right for you.

  • Tell me about your organization’s Lean Six Sigma background and training experience?
  • Is your Lean Six Sigma program accredited?
  • Are you affiliated with any associations?
  • Does your Lean Six Sigma program include a refund policy?
  • What is the format for training? (Reading Materials, Pre-Recorded Sessions, Webinars, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • What are the learning objectives for the training? Do you apply Bloom’s Taxonomy?
  • Do I have to attend scheduled sessions or is the training self-paced?
  • What is your policy regarding Instructor Support? How does it work? What is the cost?
  • What is the first-time pass ratio for the certification exam?
  • What is the cost and length of training?
  • Are there any extra costs after I enroll in training? (Exam, Course materials, Software, Instructor Support, etc.)
  • What are the certification requirements?

In addition, be EXTREMELY clear about your needs. For example, you may need:

  • Learning Disability Support
  • Documentation for your employer or financial aid provider

Asking these questions BEFORE you enroll helps you feel confident allowing you to move forward with the business of building trust and realizing your objectives.

Ask the following questions of yourself:

Is this the right provider for me?Does this program have the support that will help me?Will we work well together?
– Education
– Training
– Experience
– International Accessibility
– Instructor Support
– Student Support
– Student Community
– Format
– Learning Platform
– Training Method

Choosing the right Training Provider for YOU PDF download.