Can you name the last three books you read? What was your inspiration to read them? What did you learn? How about the last workshop you attended? Did you acquire a new way of thinking? A common trait among great leaders is they are always on a quest to learn more. Learning is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, see things from a different perspective, and acquire new skills that enable you to be more proficient at what you do.

Take a minute to think about where you are at as a leader. What could you learn that will help you advance your thinking, take on a new project, or even tackle the toughest challenges? In most cases, your next steps are simple, read a book, watch a few how-to videos, or even sign up for a workshop. It is easy to talk yourself out of learning opportunities by convincing yourself that you are too busy to do this right now. If this is the case, unfortunately “later” typically never comes. Take a tip from some of the greatest leaders, people generally make time for what is important to them. Why not take the time and go for it. Push yourself to continuously learn, it is critical for your progression as a leader. I am sure you will appreciate the outcome.

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