A few months ago I had lunch with a business colleague (for our conversation, let’s fictitiously refer to him as Robert). A topic came up that Robert had some experience with, then he proceeded by saying, “yes, I know a few people that can help you out with that, I will send you an email later this week connecting you with them.” Having worked with Robert for a while, I know that it is highly unlikely that he will follow through with making the connection, even though he captured it on his never-ending to-do list. Unfortunately, Robert has a reputation of consistently over promising and under delivering. While I enjoy catching up with Robert, I know that he is not someone I can rely on.

Building trust in the workplace is crucial for success. Once you have trust, your relationships are capable of delivering with high performance and consistency. One of the first steps in building trust is following through with your commitments. If you say that it will be done by the end of the week, then it will be done by the end of the week. With that said, we know that plans are never perfect and something may come up that hinders your ability to deliver on your previously stated commitments. If this happens, be sure to communicate which allows others to make the necessary adjustment on their end. Even though there may be a delay, you maintained trust by keeping the lines of communication open. Do your best to maintain trust in the workplace. Once you have it, keep it, because once you lose it, it will be hard to get back.

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