I have worked in the Continuous Improvement space for more than 2 decades and while many methodologies may peak with the trends in a global economy, one need has always been universal – quality project managers. Regardless of what methodology you are using, being an effective and efficient Project Manager will be a necessary part of your training.

Some people may wonder why we need so many different methodologies if the overall goal in Continuous Improvement is the same – to keep improving. The answer is simple, projects are not one size fits all approaches. This is why it is beneficial to learn different approaches and methodologies. With each certification you earn, you deepen your skills and knowledge and continue to expand the tools in your toolbelt. Becoming proficient in several methodologies will not only add value to each project you encounter, you will also become more valuable along the way.

Imagine you ask someone to help you build a shed. They come with a hammer, but nothing else. While they may be helpful in some tasks, they will be limited in what they can assist you with. Another friend may come with an entire set of tools, but what if they are all still in unopened boxes. While these tools are necessary, you need to have the knowledge on how to use them to make them useful. Finally, you find a friend to come over who has a truck full of tools, and can point to many other projects they’ve helped on where they used each tool. Now this is helpful and because of their experience and training, you will likely have high confidence in this person’s ability to help you build your shed.

Continuous Improvement projects work in a similar way. Tools are useful only when someone is adequately trained on how to use them and has learned how to use them in a project environment. Acuity Institute has always been dedicated to helping individuals and organizations with Continuous Improvement and you will find we offer comprehensive training on the most widely used methodologies in the industry.



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