Articles to help you learn more about Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, and Project Leadership

Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects

Everyone has had something they have neglected doing simply because it’s too hard, and Lean Six Sigma project selection is no different. Many Lean Six Sigma projects never get any traction and stall out because the process of selecting a project is too complex, which...

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Using the SIPOC Diagram Technique for Project Scoping

If you are working in the area of process improvement, one of the most commonly used tools is a SIPOC Diagram. The acronym follows the work flow of Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers. A SIPOC Diagram is a simple tool that provides a high level overview...

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Guide to the 8 wastes of Lean

What is waste? Any human activity which absorbs resources but creates NO VALUE – This is the direct translation of “Muda” the Japanese term for waste. Use of resources over and above what is actually required to produce the product or service as defined by the...

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What is 5S?

What is 5S? 5S is a simple workplace organization method which is the basis of quality and productivity within an organization. The aim of 5S is to organize a company’s activities in order to increase productivity, reduce waste, and create cost-savings. Each “S” is...

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What are the roles on a Lean Six Sigma project?

Champions / Executive Leadership Monitors the external and internal factors affecting the business Defines business strategy Communicates the plan for business success Champions Lean Six Sigma vision Establishes improvement priorities and targets Provides and aligns...

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What is Six Sigma?

What is Six Sigma? Keeping it simple:  Six Sigma is…“Solving problems with data to achieve results” Adding a little more complexity:  Six Sigma was developed out of necessity as a very rigorous and disciplined approach for companies to improve products and services...

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