Lean Six Sigma Certification

Some providers require you to start at a particular lean six sigma belt level and work your way up, and there are some that allow you to start at any level.  So does that mean that if you start at a higher six sigma belt level you might be missing out on some tools and concepts? The answer is most likely, no.

If a program does not require prerequisites, that means that each course is designed to incorporate all the information from the other six sigma belts so that you have all of the knowledge and skills needed to be proficient at that belt level. As such, you can begin at the highest six sigma belt level that you desire and you do not need to take any lower courses to build knowledge for the higher belt level.  Acuity Institute does not have any prerequisites to enroll in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt or Lean Six Sigma White Belt.

It is definitely more cost effective and time efficient if you can go directly into the top six sigma belt level that you desire.  The key is to look at the lean six sigma training provider and course in detail to be sure that the six sigma training is as thorough as you would expect it to be.

Some things to consider when selecting your six sigma training provider:

  • Is it an accredited program?
  • Is it associated with any organizations that provide education units or professional development units?
  • How do the course objectives and/or syllabus compare to the other providers you are considering?
  • Is the certification exam included or are there any additional costs?
  • Is there instructor or customer support available?
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