“Three little letters after my name.” That’s how a friend described the master’s of public administration she earned after years of juggling family, career, and education. I immediately wished that her MPA came with a digital badge. I wanted to give her the power to easily share her verified new credentials to impress friends, family, colleagues, and employers alike.

Fortunately, Acuity Institute learners have this power. Our certificates now include digital badges thanks to a new partnership with Credly and its Acclaim platform. You learn the material and earn the certificate, and we make it easy for you to share your accomplishment and skills through the digital badge. It’s all part of our dedication to providing the tools you need to achieve your professional goals.

Read on to see how digital badges offer instant credibility and improve employability through highly visual, verifiable credentials.

Badges Are Overtaking Bullet Points

Obviously, you still need to list continuing education credentials on your resume and LinkedIn profile. But unlike a bullet point that anyone can type, the badge offers context and verification.

  • A digital badge takes a completion certificate to the next level with an image that immediately communicates and verifies your credentials.
  • In addition to the image, the digital badge provides a link for use in text.
  • Click the badge image or link to immediately see details about the certificate, including who earned the certificate and when, how the credentials translate to job skills, what institution provided the training, and more.

The badge is free and takes under a minute to claim while sharing it offers endless possibilities in terms of professional recognition and career advancement. Employers, especially, appreciate badges for the recognizable credentials and one-click verification.

Claim Your Badge in Seconds

Once you earn a certification, you claim your badge from Credly’s digital badging platform, Acclaim. To claim your badge:

  1. Watch for an email from Acclaim notifying you that your badge is available. Add admin@youracclaim.com to your approved contacts or check your spam folder to make sure you receive the email.
  2. Click the link in the email to visit Acclaim and set up an account. Once you have an account, claiming future badges is even easier. If you need help, watch this video or email support@acuityinstitute.com.
  3. Accept your digital badge. You can download a web-enabled image and copy a link to share.

Bonus: Your Acclaim account includes access to powerful tools for advancing your career. You can easily see what jobs you are qualified for, what they pay, and who is hiring—and then apply for openings with a few clicks.

Share Your Badge…Everywhere!

Share your badge the same way you display that framed diploma—where everyone can see it. You learned and earned the credential, so you might as well show it off! The badge link and image give you the flexibility to share across the digital universe, including social media channels and professional networks.

  • LinkedIn: Add the badge image and link to your LinkedIn profile under Licenses & Certifications.
  • Resume: Include a badge link in a Word or PDF resume.
  • Web: Showcase the badge on your website or blog.
  • Email: Add the badge link to your email signature line.
  • Instagram: Share the badge image on Instagram.
  • Twitter: Tweet about your achievement with a link to details.
  • Facebook: Add the badge to your About page and post about achieving it.

Remember, unlike a lot of what you see in cyberspace, what you’re posting is verifiable. Your followers need only click the image or link to see the work you put into earning the credential.

As badges rapidly become the standard in online learning, be sure to claim yours—and then share them with all your followers. For more information visit our website and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Infographic on how Acuity badges work.

Download this infographic for more information.


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