It is all too common, your lean six sigma project has been active for a while, it is starting to slow down, and interest seems to be fading. While there can be many causes as to why this is happening, there are three simple steps you can do to either breathe life back into your project, or let it go.

  • Revisit the goal and scope of your six sigma project – is what you are currently working on in alignment with what you initially set out to accomplish? Often the focus of a project changes over time, which can lead to changes in the interest level in your project. If this is the case, you should revisit your project goal and scope to validate that it is still a priority within your organization. If not, you may consider discontinuing your project and shifting your focus to higher priorities.
  • Reengage with your lean six sigma project sponsor – commitment from your sponsor is very important and you need to validate that they are still interested in the successful completion of your project. If they do not seem interested, then you may need to challenge them to validate that your project is still a priority.
  • Renew your personal commitment – your commitment to the successful execution of your project is critical. If your lean six sigma project is stalling, it most likely means that you are not working on it. Unfortunately, this happens frequently because priorities change. When this happens, recognize that your project has changed and it may be time to recommit to its success, or let it go.

Lean Six Sigma project success does not always mean seeing a project to the end. It can also mean canceling a project when it is no longer a priority. As a leader, it takes courage to cancel a project. Great leaders recognize that priorities do shift, and as difficult as it may be, they are willing to let go of projects that no longer add value.


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