FPX, LLC a leader in multi-tenant enterprise on demand configuration, pricing, quoting, product data management, and sales intelligence, has years of experience utilizing lean, efficient, and effective business management strategies with its clients.  FPX is taking that commitment of excellence even further–every member of the FPX Team will participate in the Lean Six Sigma certification process.

FPX executives noted a steady stream of impressive talent coming into the company with  Lean Six Sigma certifications and recognized that the entire FPX organization would benefit from improving internal business processes aimed at reducing costs and improving quality. FPX selected Acuity Institute to help the organization achieve the certification.

Customers rely on FPX to help them solve problems.  Professionalizing quality management functions across all business operations will allow FPX customers to reap the benefits   for efficiency and value. This dedication to the Lean Six Sigma methodology / ideology not only expresses that focus but takes it further. “Utilizing Lean Six Sigma project methodology across the entire organization will allow FPX to improve our business processes which will translate to enhanced customer project quality” said Audrey Spangenberg, CEO for FPX.  “FPX has a long history of serving customers through great products and service.  Because of our current measured project methodology our solution  implementations are measured in weeks, not months or years. Six Sigma certification further reinforces our commitment to our customers..”

This level of efficiency and effectiveness of cost and time will be carried over into every aspect of FPX’s operations — including how the training itself happens.  While every member of the more than eighty-person company will gain the expertise  of a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, executives will be trained in the even higher rank of Black Belt, with the training to take place in groups so that it reaches completion by the first quarter of 2011.

“It’s very much a cultural shift,” says Karin Traina, the Acuity Institute’ client manager for FPX. “FPX is moving the bar to be always focused on what the customers want and how they can best deliver that — and that’s absolutely what Lean Six Sigma does. By partnering with Acuity they selected materials and practitioners who have applied these principles in situations similar to FPX and also across many industries and services.”

Lean and Six Sigma have a long history and proven track record of success and have been implemented by some of the world’s largest and most accomplished companies.  Six Sigma, developed in 1981 and now implemented by some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, operates by through both statistical and human processes to eliminate the causes of errors and slowdowns in productivity in business and consequently reduce costs. That’s a commitment at the heart of FPX’s philosophy, and one that FPX executives think will lead to an even more productive and effective future.

February 2, 2010 – Acuity Institute Releases a New Online Course, Lean FOCUS™ for the Services Environment.

Acuity Institute, an online training provider, is pleased to announce the release of a new online course, Lean FOCUS™ for the Services Environment.  FOCUS™ is a Lean business improvement method designed to teach learners the top tools and skills needed to implement Lean principles in a services environment.  Lean principles such

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