As we kick off a new year we are excited to introduce changes to Acuity and our blog.

After 15 years, Brent Drever is transitioning his role here at AI. He said:

“I am transitioning my role to Stephanie Herman, who is now Acuity’s Managing Director. Stephanie has been with Acuity for nearly 10 years and is well prepared to lead the company into its next stages of growth and development. While I am still involved with Acuity as a shareholder, my new role is to support Stephanie and her team as an advisor.”

I want to personally thank him for his incredible vision and leadership. I continue to appreciate his insights and the mentoring he has given our students and me over the years. Though his role is changing, he will continue to contribute to the blog as a guest with us from time to time.

We will kick off 2019 with Change Management

Change is an integral part of operational excellence efforts. While organizations are doing more to manage change such as engaging sponsors and leveraging change agents, we often still face the challenges of resistance and sustainability at the operational level. How can we get our process owners to better welcome change and the improvements that we envision?

This past October, the Acuity Team attended the Docebo INSPIRE conference where we had the pleasure of hearing Laura Goodrich in her workshop, “Creating a Mindset for Change”. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace dynamics and relationships. She is the co-founder of Next Generation Company, which develops interactive products aimed at driving change and helping organizations prepare their next generation of leaders. Her perspectives on business and change have earned her the reputation as a “team fixer”. She is someone who can create positive outcomes in even the most challenging workplace dynamics.

This idea of a change mindset truly resonated with our team. How much more effective could our change efforts be if there was cultural shift toward a positive mindset when it comes to change within our organizations?

Announcing the “Creating a Mindset for Change” Blog Series

I am thrilled to announce a new blog series Acuity is launching with Laura on this topic. In the next few blogs, Laura and I will be discussing how to truly build revolutionary change from the ground up and sharing some great resources with you.

I am very excited about our plans for the blog this year. Our intention is for the blog to offer great insights and helpful resources that enrich your professional development and sharpen your skills as project leaders. We will be inviting our team of Master Black Belts, our business partners, and even some of our clients to join us as we look at the challenges and opportunities we face in the exciting field of operational excellence. We invite you to join the conversation as well! Share with us the topics that you are interested in and engage with us in the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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