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Why Acuity Institute?

We have the most sought-after consultants in the industry for delivery of training in Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management, and Project Management.

Our experts’ decades of experience in a broad range of industries deliver optimum return on investment.

    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Telecommunications
    • Distribution
    • Government

How does Acuity Institute meet your needs?

Every organization has a specific set of needs. We recognize that a one-size fits all approach may not work, which is why we tailor our offerings to help your organization achieve its unique goals.

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What does Acuity offer?

  • An industry-leading operational excellence catalog
  • A superior user experience
  • Reporting tools for monitoring your organization
  • A customized training campus, tailored for your organization
  • Licensing options for purchasing the curriculum
  • Volume discounts


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