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Acuity’s mission is simple; provide world-class Continuous Improvement training and coaching solutions to individuals and organizations worldwide. As leading experts in Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management and Project Leadership, we have developed relationships with thousands of individuals and organizations, across a wide variety of industries in over 100 countries. Acuity has helped our clients uncover hundreds of millions of dollars in added value by optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their products and services.

Founded in 2005 by Brent Drever, one of the foremost authorities in Continuous Improvement, Acuity Institute has built an excellent reputation for providing our customers with effective training and coaching solutions designed to the highest standard of expertise. All of Acuity’s training programs are developed by leading experts who have been on the front lines of Continuous Improvement since the mid-1990s.

We are the Experts

Count on our expertise that has trained more than 10,000 individuals and spans over 100 countries across 6 continents.

Acuity Institute’s industry leading course catalog for Continuous Improvement offers training for individuals from every level and organizations of any size.

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Individual Learners

Acuity Institute’s dedication to quality training and unlimited support has helped over 10,000 individuals obtain training and certification allowing them to enhance their skills and advance to new opportunities in their career. Our online training programs include:

  • Open enrollment eLearning Training & Certification – begin your training at any time
  • Courses to meet every need from foundational knowledge to Project Leader training
  • Interactive online training available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location worldwide as long as you have a high-speed internet connection
  • Project simulations built into several of our courses that provide both theoretical and practical knowledge



blended learningCorporations

Acuity’s unparalleled experience and diversity has enabled us to work with more than 430 companies worldwide. A significant Acuity advantage is our ability to establish strategic client relationships with corporations of all sizes across a wide variety of industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Government. Within these numerous industry segments our clients represent some of the most well established names, including 70 Fortune 1000 companies, of which 57 are in the Fortune 500.

You will not find a more experienced partner with the highest quality of Continuous Improvement products and services, delivered on the most effective and efficient platform that is dedicated to helping organizations reach their value creation goals. Our job is not to sell prefabricated products or services, instead Acuity works with each of our clients to determine their needs, and how Acuity can help them not only meet but often exceed their objectives, ultimately resulting in added value and savings for their organization.

Utilizing Acuity’s ability to tailor fit solutions to our client’s needs, we have helped companies uncover 100’s of millions of dollars in added value by optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their products and services. When organizations implement Continuous Improvement, it is essential that an accurate assessment of their needs is done to ensure the company can achieve success. Acuity has a dedicated team specially trained to determine how we can help organizations get the highest Return on Investment from their Continuous Improvement program. It is common that our clients exceed a 10X ROI in their engagement with Acuity Institute.

Our Corporate Solutions offerings

  • Online Training – Our technology platform is extremely efficient, effective, and highly scalable allowing smaller companies to train in a group setting and larger organizations to train thousands of employees at any level from foundational to senior leadership and the flexibility for everyone to complete training within their own schedule.
  • Live Instructor Training – This unique inclusion enables organizations to incorporate customized expert instructor led workshops into the online training environment. A blended model that allows companies to keep the benefits and low cost of online training and includes live access to the expertise of an instructor. This highly effective approach has been proven to increase the delivery of business results for organizations we partner with.
  • Expert Coaching – Accelerate the achievement of results and financial benefits by leveraging one of our Expert Coaches to assist in Continuous Improvement execution. Acuity has the most sought after consultants in the industry and by leveraging their decades of experience and knowledge, this is the most effective way to get the highest return on investment possible.
  • Licensing and Customization – Customized solutions allow organizations to license our materials for use inside their company, or have Acuity’s team of experts develop custom training, coaching and consulting solutions designed to the organizations unique specifications.

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