Expert Lean Six Sigma, Lean and Change Management Coaching and Consulting

What is Expert Coaching?

Simply put, Expert Lean Six Sigma Coaching and Consulting helps to accelerate the achievement of results and financial benefits in your Operational Excellence program and/or Lean Six Sigma and Lean projects.

Who needs expert coaching?How can expert coaching help?

Who needs Expert Lean Six Sigma Coaching?

The first step for organizations who want to implement Operational Excellence is to initiate training, but sometimes that may not be enough to achieve the desired outcome and they then try to add more training thinking that will help gain results faster but find they are still lagging in their goals. If your organization does not have the internal resources to help engage and evolve your Operational Excellence program, Acuity Institute’s Expert Lean Six Sigma, Lean and Change Management Coaches and Consultants can help bridge the gap.

Acuity works on the principle of Learn – Practice – Apply. Learning takes place during training, Practice takes place by going through a case study or in workshops, and Apply takes place when participants take the application of the Lean Six Sigma and Lean training back into the workplace. This is where Expert Lean Six Sigma Coaching fits in. For Acuity’s corporate clients, we can help you achieve results quickly in your Lean Six Sigma and/or Lean program by offering a deeper relationship with an Expert Coach that can help support your organization through the Continuous Improvement application.

How can Lean Six Sigma Expert Coaching help?

Coaching for your Operational Excellence program comes in different forms such as; assisting with the strategy of deploying a program, coaching leaders when they have questions on how to implement Lean Six Sigma and/or Lean, and finally once you kick off the program, coaching can help you engage, build and sustain your Operational Excellence program.

With Expert Lean Six Sigma, Lean and/or Change Management Coaching you have an advisor who has been there and done that, someone who is sharing their experience with you, leading and guiding you to help improve and accelerate your return on investment. Maybe your organization has a new Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who may not know which tools to choose for specific scenarios. An Expert Lean Six Sigma Coach can help them break down those barriers and provide guidance on how to think strategically about their project to build solid action plans. Maybe you are new to the role of Champion or Sponsor and looking for guidance on how to implement a Operational Excellence program.  Acuity’s Expert Coaches and Consultants can not only help you with implementation, but can also ensure your organization is engaging the correct people and can sustain the program.

Essentially an Expert Coach can help you accelerate the achievements of results in your Operational Excellence program, strengthen your return on investment and provides encouragement to keep evolving.

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