Reducing exposure and cutting costs while providing meaningful interactions with colleagues and instructors is a challenge for organizations as we enter this post-pandemic world. Fortunately, through the creative application of technology and expert instructors, training models are available to best fit your organization’s people, culture, and goals.

Blended Learning with Virtual or In-Person Instructors

On a practical front, blended training is convenient and cost-effective. The flexible online component minimizes the number of hours in a live or virtual classroom while ensuring students that an instructor will answer their questions in person or online. In addition, the blended models allow you to optimize the learning experience for your team while mitigating the costs and COVID transmission risks associated with traveling.
Acuity Institute offers two types of blended learning — Live, Virtual Blended Training, and In-Person Blended Training — let’s look at how blended learning works and what type would work best for your team.

How Blended Learning Works

With blended learning, students start with online pre-work, which familiarizes them with the tools and concepts at their own pace. Then, an expert instructor comes on-site—on screen or in-person—to bring the material to life with interactive workshops tailored to your goals, objectives, and organization.

An blended training course facilitator talks with his class via webcam and video conferencing

These collaborative workshops give colleagues the chance to interact — finally! — as they apply new tools and concepts to your business challenges. Our experienced virtual or in-person instructor is available to facilitate, answer questions, and provide coaching. This combination of online study and instructor-led workshops is proven to increase retention, business results, and ROI.

In-Person or Virtual?

Virtual training is the most flexible and cost-effective option but may be less attractive today with the screen/Zoom fatigue we’re all facing. When choosing a virtual blended provider, be certain that the virtual sessions are designed to be virtual training.

An instructor shares content at a whiteboard in front of a class during an in-person training session.

After a year of being cooped up, the idea of in-person, classroom training is certainly attractive. This option involves bringing together employees with an external vendor. For some organizations and teams, however, in-person training may be the best option for engaging people and producing results.

Considerations for In-Person Training

Employees are contending with unprecedented emotional stress and uncertainty from this pandemic. Employees may be at various levels of comfort when it comes to attending training. There are several things to consider when planning for in-person training:

  • Buy-in. Without employee buy-in, even the best-crafted plans are likely to run into trouble. Lead with empathy and demonstrate an understanding that while all of your employees have experienced this crisis, they haven’t all experienced it the same way. Some employees may have conditions that increase their risk of serious COVID-19 infection and may be reluctant to attend training. Others may be eager to attend. Sensitivity and flexibility to this reality is a must. Consider having an online option for participants such as 100% online or live-streaming.
  • Safety first. Consider the protocols for cleaning and sanitization. Also consider the layout of the training room, such as moving desks farther apart or reducing the number of people in the class at one time.
  • Establish the lines of communication. Providing employees with the chance to make their challenges and concerns known can help you identify potential problems with the training plans. By enabling real, two-way communication, leaders create an opportunity to strengthen the training experience, increase employee engagement, and address or avoid challenges.

Acuity Is Here to Help

All Acuity Institute courses are customizable and available as virtual blended, in-person blended, 100% online, and 100% classroom training. Contact us, tell us about your goals and objectives, and we’ll help you plan what’s right for you.

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