Live, In-Person Training

Acuity Institute offers 100% Classroom Training or Blended Training that can be facilitated at your location

Given today’s corporate environments, training is increasingly becoming part of a job function and many companies are trying to balance incorporating training into a busy work schedule. Instructor led training can be engaging and for select learners, retention of concepts may be higher, which is why instructor led training is so appealing.

Live, In-Person Training

What is Blended Training?

Blended training combines the best of live in-person instruction with our world-class online curriculum. This tailored made program is flexible, scalable and can be customized to meet your company’s unique needs.  The time with one of our expert facilitators is laser-focused on ensuring your team is equipped to take the tools and methodology back to their workplace environment and start delivering results.


Live, In-Person Blended Training
  • Minimizes the number of training days required in the classroom
  • Significantly reduces your cost vs. traditional classroom training
  • Combines best in class technology, interactive and engaging facilitation and project simulations to enhance the learning for your participants
  • Can incorporate workplace project application and coaching
What are the benefits of Live, In-Person Blended Training?
  • Participants apply the tools and concepts together in a collaborative, engaging workshop environment
  • Flexibility to customize the workshops to meet your goals and objectives
  • Increased cost-effectiveness vs. 100% classroom training
  • Increased business results and ROI
  • Flexibility with the training delivery schedule
  • Accelerates the execution of workplace project through workshop application and coaching
  • Expert instructors with decades of experience in a broad range of industries delivering optimum return of investment.
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Telecommunications
    • Distribution
    • Government and more….

How does it work?

The Live, In-Person Blended training utilizes the Learn-Practice-Apply blended learning model to enrich the training and propel learners to deliver results to the workplace more quickly and effectively.


Live, In-Person Training starts with independent online learning which allows employees the flexibility to incorporate the training into their busy schedules independently.  Information is easily reviewed as needed, without having to delay other participants.


The In-Person workshops are conducted in conjunction with the online learning. During the workshops, students participate in a simulated project in teams and discuss how the tools and concepts can help to deliver business results. The workshops are interactive and engaging.  They can be tailored specifically for your company and are completely customizable to incorporate your vision, company specific tools, examples and case studies.


The application of the training into the workplace is essential for organizations looking to have a high return on investment. With assessments throughout the online training and the practical application of the tools under the guidance of the virtual facilitator, participants will be well equipped to identify and solve improvement opportunities within the organization.

Which Acuity Institute Certification Programs are available for Live, In-Person Blended Training?


You can add the live, in-person training to any of Acuity Institute’s certification courses.


The Online Experience for Your Team

Acuity Institute has enhanced the user experience for our corporate client’s. It begins by entering into a Global Online Campus environment where learning is made fluid and easy. Our interactive training material is conducted online, and you can be confident that your employees will have access to all of the training they need, when they need it because our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can view the online training from any device.

Want to keep the look and feel of your organization? No problem. We also offer privately branded online campuses that come with a custom website URL where your organization can have access to our industry leading continuous improvement catalog of courses. A private online campus allows your organization to roll out a training plan to your employees that has a look and feel that is consistent with your organization.

Customization features includes (sample set):

  • Branding with your logo, colors, etc.
  • Custom catalog to fit your specific training needs
  • Detailed user reports available on-demand
  • Access to free continuous improvement training courses for team

An Example: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Blended Training

What our customers are saying…

Results from some of our most recent live instructor led training workshops shows an exceptionally high level of satisfaction from the participants for both Acuity’s course content and with the instructor’s delivery of the material.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Instructor led evaluation results show:
  • 98% of participants felt satisfied-very satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainer
  • 95% of participants were satisfied-very satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt content taught
Love the format and spacing. I’d love to recommend several others to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt class.

I really enjoy the real-life examples. It is very accurate to how data just gets dumped for analysis without guidance or direction.

Understanding and in-depth discussions on Lean and the process. The online module really helped driving home knowledge and concepts. Materials are great and easy to follow.

Enjoyed adding activities that portray the concepts in class. I think these are beneficial to help facilitate projects and explain why we need to include all the phases.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Instructor led evaluation results show:
  • 100% of participants found a practical value to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course materials
  • 100% of participants felt the ratio of classroom/lecture training vs. time for exercises/applications was excellent
  • 100% of participants rated the effectiveness of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt instructor as excellent
Interactive team projects enhanced learning value and collaboration throughout the course.

The practical application of the tools was very helpful and applicable to assignments I am currently working on.

Very dynamic course with multiple learning styles. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course was very engaging.

Got a clear understanding on the methods a project manager should use while working on a project.

Design for Six Sigma Instructor led evaluation results show:
  • 100% of participants felt their learning was enhanced by the way the instructor presented the workshop materials and how relevant examples were used to create links between the content and my job
  • 95% of participants felt the ratio of classroom/lecture training vs. time for exercises/applications was good-excellent
The live example of using a project throughout the Design For Six Sigma class was very beneficial.

Great instructor, very knowledgeable. I appreciate him checking throughout to ensure course expectations were met. The instructor adapted to the class needs effectively.

This was a great experience I like the instructor’s style of very minimal PowerPoint usage and the constant engagement of attendants.

Practical application and presentation of identified skills in conductive learning environment.

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