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Looking to add a Live Instructor to your training?


Given today’s corporate environments, training is increasingly becoming part of a job function and many companies are trying to balance incorporating training into a busy work schedule. Instructor led training can be engaging and for select learners, retention of concepts may be higher, which is why instructor led training is so appealing.

What are the benefits of Acuity Institute’s Instructor Led Training Programs? 

  • Flexibility to customize workshops with company initiatives
  • Expert instructors with proven track records in delivering training in Lean Six SigmaLean, Change Management, and Project Management
  • Increased delivery of business results
  • Higher knowledge retention
  • Increased flexibility with the training delivery schedule

We offer two options to add a live instructor to facilitate supplemental training sessions:

Live Virtual Online Instructor Led Workshops

In-Person Classroom Workshops

How do Acuity Institute’s Instructor Led Training Programs work?

Each of our Instructor Led Training Programs utilize the Learn-Practice-Apply blended learning model to enrich the training and propel learners to deliver results to the workplace more quickly and effectively.


online learningIt starts with independent online learning which is cost effective and allows employees the flexibility to incorporate the training into their busy schedules on an individual level where information is easily reviewed as needed, without having to delay other participants.


online learningInstructor led workshops are conducted in conjunction with the online learning. During the workshops, participants discuss how the tools and concepts can help to deliver business results. Instructor Led Workshops are tailored specifically for your company and are completely customizable to incorporate your vision, company specific tools, examples and case studies into the workshops.


online learningThe application of the training into the workplace is essential for organizations looking to have a high return on investment. With assessments throughout the course, participants will confirm their retention of the tools and concepts taught.

What are Live Virtual Online Instructor Led Workshops and how do they differ from traditional classroom training?

It begins with our world-class online curriculums and combining them with our expert instructors providing the flexibility and cost effectiveness of online learning, enhanced with some of the key elements and benefits of traditional in-person classroom training. From our experience, live virtual workshops minimize the disruption to the training participants work day and are more cost effective than traditional classroom training. The live virtual workshops leverage best in class technology to ensure an interactive and engaging experience for the participants. simulated projects and/or exercises prior to

What are In-Person Classroom Workshops?

Acuity also offers traditional in-person instructor led classroom workshops which are focused on application and delivering business results. Acuity works with you to incorporate the training into your organization’s schedule and you can rest assured the instructor led training utilizes Acuity’s superior content delivered in an engaging format to avoid “death by PowerPoint” in the workshops.

Which Acuity Institute Certification Programs are available for Instructor Led Learning?

You can take advantage of any of Acuity Institute’s courses and add a live instructor to the program.  We offer Lean Six Sigma training, Lean training, Change Management training, and Project Management training. It is our goal to make the process easy and adapt to your specific needs. Whether you are looking to have virtually led sessions that are short in length or prefer in-person workshops, we have the ability to tailor our offerings to fit your needs. Contact us to find out more on how we can help your company achieve its training goals.

What our customers are saying…

Results from some of our most recent live instructor led training workshops shows an exceptionally high level of satisfaction from the participants for both Acuity’s course content and with the instructor’s delivery of the material.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Instructor led evaluation results show:

  • 98% of participants felt satisfied-very satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainer
  • 95% of participants were satisfied-very satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt content taught

Love the format and spacing. I’d love to recommend several others to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt class.

I really enjoy the real-life examples. It is very accurate to how data just gets dumped for analysis without guidance or direction.

Understanding and in-depth discussions on Lean and the process. The online module really helped driving home knowledge and concepts. Materials are great and easy to follow.

Enjoyed adding activities that portray the concepts in class. I think these are beneficial to help facilitate projects and explain why we need to include all the phases.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Instructor led evaluation results show:

  • 100% of participants found a practical value to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course materials
  • 100% of participants felt the ratio of classroom/lecture training vs. time for exercises/applications was excellent
  • 100% of participants rated the effectiveness of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt instructor as excellent

Interactive team projects enhanced learning value and collaboration throughout the course.

The practical application of the tools was very helpful and applicable to assignments I am currently working on.

Very dynamic course with multiple learning styles. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course was very engaging.

Got a clear understanding on the methods a project manager should use while working on a project.

Design for Six Sigma Instructor led evaluation results show:

  • 100% of participants felt their learning was enhanced by the way the instructor presented the workshop materials and how relevant examples were used to create links between the content and my job
  • 95% of participants felt the ratio of classroom/lecture training vs. time for exercises/applications was good-excellent

The live example of using a project throughout the Design For Six Sigma class was very beneficial.

Great instructor, very knowledgeable. I appreciate him checking throughout to ensure course expectations were met. The instructor adapted to the class needs effectively.

This was a great experience I like the instructor’s style of very minimal PowerPoint usage and the constant engagement of attendants.

Practical application and presentation of identified skills in conductive learning environment.

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