Acuity Institute’s School of Business Leadership is pleased to announce the release of their new course, Lean Foundations. Lean is a popular methodology that is well used throughout the business industry, focusing on reducing waste and improving flow within an organization. Acuity Institute’s Lean Foundations course has been designed to provide a foundational knowledge of this fundamental methodology, essential for anyone who will be working on Lean projects.

Lean Foundations serves a vital role in today’s business environment. “We believe there is a gap in Lean training,” said Brent Drever, Acuity Institute’s CEO and Chief Learning Officer. “For organizations deploying Lean in the workplace, the only training available was to become a fully certified Lean Practitioner. By developing Lean Foundations, we can address the needs of those that require only the foundational knowledge of the Lean methodology and a small skillset of tools to participate in Lean projects, thereby allowing entire teams and organizations to quickly and easily obtain the training they need to be competitive and effective in today’s business environment.”


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