Acuity Institute, an online training provider, is pleased to announce the release of a new online course, Lean FOCUS™ for the Services Environment.  FOCUS™ is a Lean business improvement method designed to teach learners the top tools and skills needed to implement Lean principles in a services environment.  Lean principles such as improving the flow of value in the organization and eliminating waste have been mastered in the manufacturing environment. However services/ transactional processes are burdened with long lead times and excessive non value adding activities. Lean Focus™ is a creative approach to helping project managers lean out their service processes.

This course is excellent for Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts who want to expand their knowledge and skills in Lean.

One Lean practitioner, Cwyita Sihele, who has attended several Lean courses, said, “This FOCUS™ methodology has finally made everything clear for me. I have been practicing Lean for years, and the structure has given me a roadmap and confidence that I did not have before.”

In the FOCUS™ method the acronym stands for Focus, Operate, Create, Utilize, and Sustain.

Based on your working knowledge of the problem you begin in Focus where you initiate your charter and business case. Then you move into Operate where you go to the source of the problem and collect relevant information, and diagnose the problem. In Create you look for opportunities to reduce waste and develop the future state and in Utilize, you utilize the solution, assessing the risks, and tweaking the process.  Sustain is about sustaining the gains, error proofing the process and managing process performance.

Lean FOCUS™ takes you through a simulated transactional Lean project, provides you with a practical set of templates, together with the expert audio, examples from transactional businesses, quizzes and exams. This is the most comprehensive Lean Transactional course on the market.

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