As corporations realize the value that eliminating waste, otherwise known as Lean, can bring to their organization, implementing Continuous Improvement initiatives becomes a focal point for the company strategy. Acuity Institute knows that for any Lean initiative to be successful, it’s imperative that those at the helm are adequately trained and prepared to provide guidance and leadership to those who will be leading the projects. To fit this unique need, Acuity Institute has developed a course specifically designed for Champions of Lean.

“Most companies focus on training the employees who will be leading continuous improvement projects, and in working with thousands of organizations all throughout the world, one of the key elements that many overlook is the need to also train their senior leadership,” said Brent Drever, Acuity Institute’s CEO. “By ensuring these key figures are well versed in the Lean methodology and equipped to sponsor and champion projects, you will find that your Lean initiative will be much more impactful.”

Acuity’s Lean Champion course is designed to speak directly to Champions within organizations, and like all of our other courses, provides highly effective and comprehensive training that works well for these busy individuals.


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